So many moms (and dads) want to be home with their kids but need an extra income to make ends meet.  They start to look into working from home and then fear takes over..."what's this about?" "is everything a scam?" and they stop searching.

I knew there was something for me to do from home!  I found a great International Wellness Company that makes almost 400 products we all need and want that are safer and less expensive!

So, I have been working with my team for almost 16 months and love it.  Our group is exploding with success and I would like to take on three new smart partners who REALLY want to make a their family's health, their incomes, and others' lives!

I will pay the enrollment fee for the first three business partners ready to get to work on our team!  Visit my marketing site at request more information and where it asks for where you heard of me, just type in "Cafemom Journal Post".  I will call you asap and give you all of the details about how we are able to stay home with our kids and make a reliable income!

I look forward to helping you and your family not only be healthy but to help you make a difference, financially, in your future!!

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Mar. 5, 2008 at 4:10 PM that is awesome that you find your "nitch". Good for you! You and I have spoke before about the conflict about wanting to stay home and having to work....I am glad that you have ound something that works for your family, especialy cutie pie, Evan!!! You are right about there being a lot of scams out there though....Hope you are having a great day. Things have been crazy this week. Good but crazy- just with work.. Hope you are wel and Evan is even better.....

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