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I don't have a new year's resolution, but there are a few things I've started to change. I'm working on the flylady's decluttering and house cleaning system. The house is staying rather neat. I took out several bags of toys, dd1 has asked for two things back, but that's all. dd2 didn't seem to notice or mind that toys were not around anymore. I've also started to work out on the treadmill while I listen to pod-casts.

Today is a pajama day for us. I've got to go return a call about food allergies. I'm helping out a friend's friend. She thinks her dd has milk allergies and doesn't know what to do. dd1 and I are going to make pancakes for dinner. dd2 always wants to go outside so we may do that while we take down the xmas tree decoration and change out the front door mat and wreath and replace them with Valentine's decor.

dd2 wants to do everything dd1 does. dd1 is practicing being a nice big sister, if she gets seven check marks then she gets to go to chuck e cheese. She decided that whenever dd2 tries to take a toy she's playing with that she'll say swiper, no swiping. We are working on dd1 understanding that dd2 is her best friend. It's slow going.

There's a lot to do today, but I wanted to write a little something to get back in the habit.



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