you know i was raised catholic. I grew up in a catholic school. I went to school. Got in a fight and lost a friend for my lack of faith. found what i thought was faith ( i now know is stupidity), and gained my friend back. Met Drake. And now i realize. There is no God *or god*. He doesnt exist. and this faith that everyone talks about is just. . blind obediance and foolish. My children will never be raised to believe in this false psudo-father figure. I mean if your going to make our creater up, why woul dyou even pick a man? in nearly every other civilization it has been a woman. . hmm maybe thats because women ARE the ones who create life. But anyways back to my purpous of this note. I realize alot of my friends are religious. Alot are christian. and though i think real christians are very. . . well charateable and at times can be nice. most are hypocrites. They stand up there and preach christianity, and then go and idk HIT on other girls boyfriends, and actually try to wreck their relationship. Or they steal. Or the lie. Or they are more concerned about theirselves than about well anyone else.  It makes me sick that i believed in this person for so long. it makes me sick that its such a following. *sigh* okay i'm done.

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