I really need to vent.

It all started on November 26, 2007. I arrived at St. Francis Hospital at 4am. I was all ready to be induced to have Conner. I tested positive for Group B so I had to start my round of antibiotics. I was checked by a nurse and I was at 2. An hour later, my OB arrived and broke my water. An hour later, I recieved my epidural (which hurt like hell). An hour after that, I was at a 4. I was told that Conner would probably arrive around noon.

4pm came and still no Conner. I was having contractions 1 min. apart and could feel everything. Also, everytime I had a contraction, Conners heartrate would drop. On top of that, my epidural was no longer working so they had to restick me(which hurt even worse). I was screaming for a c-section. My OB told me that I had gone this long, then I should wait to see if I can have him naturally. So I waited and waited. At 6:30, I was finally at 10 so we started pushing. At first everything seemed ok, but then I thought something was wrong because I kept pushing and pushing and no Conner. My OB said that Conner was stuck under my pelvic bone. He had to reach way up in me and adjust Conner so he could come out. Finally at 7pm, Conner arrived. He was 8 lbs 15 oz.

That night, I began to run a high fever (103). I was put on antibiotics and was put on a monitor. Conner started to run a fever as well. His temp was at 100. They did nothing for him and did not seem to concerned. 3 days later I was released from the hospital.

I had Conner on a Monday, we were released on a Thursday. That following Tuesday night, Conner began to run a high fever. It was 101.4. I called his pediatrican and he said get to the hospital immediately. So we did. It was absolutly terrifying. They took Conner's temp and it was 103. He was only 1 week old. They had to do a spinal tap, blood work, and check for a kidney infection. We were taken to a room and Conner was taken from us. He was returned to us and we were told that it is mandantory that any child under 1 month old that has a fever of over 101, must remain in the hospital for 3 days.

I was in total shock. I terrified for my son because we had no idea what was wrong with him. He was immediately hooked up to an IV. It broke my heart to see him hooked up to an IV and to think that he was in pain. He just slept and slept. I would have to wake him up to eat.

The next morning our pediatrican came in and said Conner had meningitis. I broke down! I was in total shock. How did he get this? Was he in pain? Could we have it? What about Sidney? We were put in isolation. In order to come in our room, you had to wear a mask, gloves, and a suit. AHHH! I was so scared.

We were in the hospital for 7 days. It was horrible. I was getting no sleep and all I could do was cry. I stopped eating and became depressed. Conner on the other hand was dong good. I continued to breastfeed him and he was gaining weight. In fact, by the time we left the hospital, he was 10 pounds.

After what seemed like a million test, everything came back negative so we had no idea how Conner got this. We were told that we will never know.

Conner now is 2 months old and he seemed to doing great. We took him for his 2 month check up and he weighs a whopping 15 pounds.. When the doc started asking us questions about things he should be doing at 2 months, we found that Conner was not doing many of the things. The main thing is that Conner really doesn't look at us. He laughs and smiles but he doesn't follow us with his eyes. Also, Conner likes to look only to one side. So now we have to take Conner to an pediatric eye doc to make sure Conner can see. Also, we have to take Conner to physical therapy for his neck because he has torticollis.

I am just so angry because I want my little boy to be healthy. I am also angry at my OB because I think he should have done a c-section. I was told that often babies get torticollis if they were stuck inside the womb, which Conner was. I am angry at St. Francis hospital because I think Conner had meningitis while he was there or he contracted it there.

I know I probably shouldn't still be angry but I am... I want Conner to just be healthy and happy! Sorry, I just had to vent!


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Dec. 1, 2008 at 8:40 PM

How is Conner doing today?

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