I've been tagged! Here's my "weird" list......

1.  I hate talking on the phone!

2.  I often have dreams & then whatever I dream about actually happens!

3.  I only like ice in Dr. Pepper (as in, not in any other pop--for any reason!)

4.  I shave the bottom part of my arms> not cuz I WANT to, but b/c I did on a whim when I was a teenager, and so now I HAVE to (unless I want gorilla arms!)

5.  I'm a plant killer (not purposely!)...thus all the fake plants in my house!

6.  I like to switch sides of the bed> almost everyone else I know sleeps on the same side every night, but I need the variety!

7.  I hate onions! They totally gross me out! I guess that isn't THAT weird, but like 99% of my friends like them, so I'm kinda the minority! (ps. I love onion rings though!)

8.  I'm nutty about our underwear drawers. The closets, etc no longer matter to me (as far as organizational perfection) BUT I am a freak in that our undies/socks drawers have to be in perfect order!

9.  I don't trust my vacuum. Even after a thorough vacuuming session, I still feel the need to crawl around the floor on hands and knees, making sure I didn't miss anything! (b/c if I did, I KNOW my daughter will find it!)

10.  I am soooo direction-impaired it isn't funny. Not like men, afraid to ask for directions, etc...like I literally can't get somewhere new without a play-by-play list of turns right in front of me...even if it isn't that difficult! I'm scared of getting lost though, so thats why!

I decided that 10 weird things just isn't even a start!!! so:

11. I am scared of crows. All the scary movies maybe???

12. I won't buy shoes that show "toe cleavage"--I just think it is ugly

13, I don't think Aztecs are ugly

14. Tea without sugar is DISGUSTING to me!

15. I love the smell of my husband's sweat--but not anyone else's!!!

16. I'll secretly be mad if my next baby isn't a boy

17. I'm a huge momma's girl..to this day!

18. Sometimes I use Ally's babywash...it just smells so darn good!

19. I love jello

20. I know what hotdogs are made out of, and still eat them sometimes, KNOWING what they are made of!



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Feb. 2, 2008 at 2:32 PM I despise talking on the phone!  I thought I was the only one.  I hate being chained to a telephone at home or work.  I don't mind a quick phone call for the who, what, when, where, and why but if i know it's someone that just wants to gab, I usually avoid picking up.  THANK GOD for caller id!!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 4:59 PM

6.  I like to switch sides of the bed> almost everyone else I know sleeps on the same side every night, but I need the variety!

ME TOO!!!!!!  lol  I thought I was the only one....

That arm hair issue...Go get laser treatment, already....enough with shaving your lower arm...no...no more.

We'll do laser together...I wanna do my mustache. LMAO

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Feb. 25, 2008 at 1:04 AM

I LOVE socks...esp thick, fuzzy silly socks.

I hate glitter text...looks stupid to me.

I LOVE onions!!!

I sleep on the same side of the bed, right side.

I must sleep with "white noise." I point my fan away and listen to it...and now my nature alarm clock that makes frog croacks- Hailey loves it, and she insists we go to sleep listening to the "fwogs"

I hate money. I cannot save worth a darn!

I LOVE dark chocolate!

I love coffee, frozen, iced, or hot...preferably a colder version though!

I have a major sweet tooth, usually followed by a need for salt

I don't care about manicures! Weird huh? But my toes, on the other hand, must be painted!

That's it for now!

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Mar. 2, 2008 at 10:54 PM I'm with ya on the "toe cleavage."  I can't stand that.

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