Sorry, but I like these "quiz" things!

TRIMESTER 1.....This is with my first (and, so far, only) Baby

What month did you conceive in?July

Did you conceive where you live now? no, we were on vacation on Natucket Island

Do you know the exact day you conceived? July 17 - my late grandfather's birthday

Were you trying to conceive? sure was, had it all planned. Only took one month of trying!

If not, were you happy anyway? yep

Did the daddy want a baby too?? yep, but was scared silly

Was he the first person you told? yes, I called him in work

Why did you think you were pregnant? We were trying, so I was hoping, but I did have implantation bleeding

Was the line on the HPT dark or light? it said "yes" for pregnant

What brand of HPT did you use?LOL I don't remember. It was a digital kind though

How long did you wait to tell your parents? My brother was getting married two weeks later, so we waited until after the wedding so we didn't steal their stoplight.

How far along were you when you had your first appointment? 6.5 weeks

What stuck out about your first appointment? The doctor asked how long we were trying. I said "About 6 weeks" and he said, "That's not any fun!" LOL

Do you remember what the first heart-rate was? 160-165

What did you want? Boy or girl? I honest to God didn't care. I would tell people, "Whatever God choses to give us."

Which is more fun to dress up? Boy or girl? I'll decide when I have a boy

What was the worst part about trimester 1? Nothing. It was a great pregnancy. No morning sickness or anything

What is the best part about trimester 1? the excitement of it all


When did you start to show? Very early - I had a bump at 8 weeks

Did you go buy any maternity clothes? I had to, but most were hand me downs from my sister in law or gifts for Christmas

Was there a point where you thought you just looked fat? Nope, I loved how I looked

Was the daddy excited that you were showing? He never said much

Do you remember what the heart-rate was at most of your appointments? consistantly 160-165

Did you get good profile pictures at your 'big' sonogram? They were perfect pictures. I swear she smiled at the camera!

Was the gender easily identified? don't know. I didn't want to know the gender so they didn't "zoom in on the important parts"

Was it a Daddy's girl or Mama's Boy? It ended up a Daddy' Girl, but we didn't know until she was born

What was the first thing you bought your baby? I didn't buy her ANYTHING until she was born. I was highly superstitious. When she was born, my husband and I bought her a "my first doll"

Did you like the 'orange stuff'? ummm, sure. I love drinking chalk

What was the worst part of trimester 2?nothing at all. I loved how I felt and looked

What was the best part of trimester 2? feeling the flutters and eventually the kicks



When did you have your baby shower? nope, I'm high superstitious and am against the entire concept of it (I won't rant about it here!)

What was the best gift you received? I got them after she was born. Everything was GREAT. I didn't have to buy anything for her for the first 9 months of her life!

How much did you weigh at your last appointment? I don't recall. I think I chose to forget!

How much did they guess the baby weighed? I don't recall. That whole last week is sort of a blurr

Did the baby move much? constantly.

Throughout your pregnancy did you have any cravings? orange juice, milk, white fish, plums

Did you ever count kicks? no

Did you go on a 'babymoon'? no

Were you in maternity clothes? yes, I was huge! I loved my maternity clothes! I wish I could still wear them!

Did you get any stretch marks? no

Did the daddy love your belly? LOL He never said anything about it. He loved the baby, but I think the belly didn't matter

What was the best part of trimester 3? all the movement, the excitement, and I was surprised at how good I felt

What was the worst part of trimester 3? I slipped on ice 7 months pregnant and experienced contractions. I spent two nights in the hospital while they tried to stop it and build up her heart with steroids. I ended up on two weeks of bedrest, but eventually I was allowed to return to work, but the contractions continued due to an "aggrivated uterus".

Overall thoughts on the pregnancy? Other than "the fall" - I had a perfect pregnancy!!! I absolutely LOVED it. I felt so "womaningly" and feminine and "earthy". I just felt great! Even my fall ended up OK. We look at it as I sign that I needed to "slow down" because I was doing soooo much of my daily routine AND we were preparing to move into the condo we just bought.


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