So here's my theory of the day, if you repeat a phrase non-stop then it will happen.  Such as... "I won't get mad, I won't get mad"  or "I shall not kill today, I shall not kill today."  Or if you medicate yourself up to the highest recommended dosage then in a sloberish state, all is perfect.  Then you can repeat in your head "God does not take you somewhere, where he can not get you through it."  Which is worrysome when considering God is a male and males have no sense of direction, if they did, well last night we would've followed my directions and not taken twice the time to get downtown to pick up dsd.  Arg.  The good thing is is that my sister is a bondsman, so if the voices in my head start doing marathon laps again followed by jumping jacks, well I won't be locked up long, lol.  That's all for today, so far.  We'll see.....

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 3:26 PM

So I take it things with your dh and dsd aren't going that well?  Well.  Kill them? Noo..... um.... 


Offer still stands to come and have a drink with me in whatever freakin' town is in the middle.  


Good luck 

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