I knew things were going all too well. I got a job for the first time since being preggo. My husband just got a job as a correctional officer at the state penn. We had past due payments on our elec bill. no big deal. hubby went to go pay it yesterday. the elec is in my name bc elijah has a past due bill in his name that was $200ish. Somehow, the elec company just now (after 2 and a half years of marriage) tacked on his old bill to my name. they said bc the account was inactive for over a year and this way they knew it would be paid on. i didn't even know they had access to those kind of records. that's not a big deal. it's an old bill in his name.. we'll take care of it. so the bill is $400. that's not the worst. that, i can deal with. what's the worst thing is when me and hubby were seperated, he had an apt with a roommate. the elec went into hubby's name when they lived together. the thing is, is when they moved out of that place, his old roomie hasn't signed up for service in the state of Nebraska. and just bc they can't find him, they tacked on his old bill from before hubby was living with him. so, a bill that had nothing to do with us.. we have to pay for it. Just because they can't find him in NE, they tacked on his previous bill from before we even knew him, onto ours. now they are saying we owe over $1000. we are contesting it on monday. i can't believe this shit!

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Mar. 31, 2008 at 10:37 PM Yeah that is some real bull FIGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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