It actually snowed on Maui on top of Haleakala. People that were able to take the long ride up were treated with snow and took advantage of it. Some shovelled snow in a cooler to take "down" to their child's school for show and tell. Some made snowmen. Others even enjoyed a snowball fight.

It's kind of weird I think to imagine snow on Maui, don't you think? Most people, I imagine, when you say "Maui" will think of tropical isle sunny weather, the place you go to get away from the snow. Well, it's not snowing all over Maui but it is a bit nippy and raining like crazy!

Still yet can go beach!

If you'd like to read more about Snow On Maui check out our local newspaper for the full article. Just click on Maui News

I also posted some pictures that were taken by the Maui News people.

Have A Great Day!


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Jun. 11, 2008 at 8:27 AM

Aloha Girl!  I know what you mean when you say "snow" and "maui" or any hawaiian island for that matter.  People give you that really weird look!  We have some pictures of snow on Big Island that I really need to locate and put into albums, just for PROOF!   HAHA 

**Have a Great Week!** 

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