Mom’s are extremely busy and there is not enough time in the day to get everything done, or is there? If mom’s can get more organized, get everyone in the family to help out with chores and errands, and reduce some of unimportant things we do that just waste time; then we might have a shot at getting everything done. Here are some helpful tips on how to save time. Tip 1 - Set up an organizer for bills that need to be paid and stock it with stamps, checkbook, and envelopes. I have a bill box that I got at Target and it has 31 slots to hold your bills. I put my bills in the slot with the date the bills is due and I never miss paying a bill. It is covenant and will save you a great deal. Tip 2 –Select one day out of the week to run all your errands, use a list, and map out everything so it saves you more time. By doing this you will not have to make multiple trips to the same place throughout the week. Tip 3 – Get a calendar! This will help you plan out your month and keep you from overbooking yourself. Put all important appointments and activities on the calendar and put it somewhere you will see it everyday (I suggest the refrigerator). Tip 4 - Keep an overnight bag in your car for your kids. This is very helpful defiantly with babies. Keep extra outfits for each child, including diapers or underwear, whips, and snacks for the kids. This can save you from a messy, noisy, and embarrassing situation. Tip 5 – Do not try and do it all yourself. Make your kids help with the chores around the house, and if you’re married your husband need to help out as well. It’s good to get your kid’s and husband away from the television and video games and have them do something productive. Most of the times kids do want to help (unlike husbands), but we don’t let them because it will take more time to teach them then doing it ourselves. Once your child learns how to do chore you can eliminate the chore off your to-do-list. Please do one more thing, and that is take sometime just for yourself everyday. Taking at least 30 minutes a day to read a book, watch some television, workout, or whatever you want to do. We invest so much time into everything else, and investing a little time into ourselves will make a world of difference. This is just a couple of suggestion to help get everything done that us mom's need to get done. If you have any suggestion please post it under this article on my site at

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 5:01 PM

what are whips?

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