I cannot believe how far the day has already come. :) It has been a day of errands, snuggle time (a marriage must I think) and soon I will be making my first batch of white chilli. For now I am just waiting for a friend to come over with a Patriots stencil that I can use to update my Superbowl shirt. I have a thing about making t-shirts with plain old spray paint and stencils. It is a great hobby for a person who is in no ways crafty. I wish I had the talent to do more, but honestly, I like my silly shirts, and I do get a lot of compliments on them and people often ask where I bought them. That is kind of cool. :) Well, hubby is almost out of the shower, and I am desperately hungry for some potstickers. I hope and pray that everyone has a wonderful Saturday as well as Sunday really. :) I will probably be rambling again soon.


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