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My job is done if you go eww, OMG or LOL

I can spend hours and days working on the same machine so it gets parts out perfectly. I've spent months putting my old cougar back together. I don't mind that my son enjoys kicking and squirming when I try to get a diaper on or off of him. I didn't smack the crap out of my little brother every time his adhd got the better of him (but I did want to few times). but my Beau is getting on my last nerve.

as of last monday he didn't have a job. so all this week he spent it looking for a new one, same thing any normal person would have done. I've done it tons of times. get laid off, fired, spend as much time as it takes to find another job. so that is what Kris has been doing all this past week, right? oh so so wrong.

he has spent the last week drinking beer, smoking, and reading in that damn basement room of his. I wouldn't be as furious as I am if he atleast did something around the house other than dirty dishes and leave clothes all over the place (then bitch when he can't find it). I think the worst part is that he hardly spends any time with his son. doesn't bother to change his diapers, feed him BM from a bottle or entertain him when he gets bored of playing by himself or with me.

I'm just getting feed up with always pushing him to do things and getting told "latter" or getting bull shit answers of why things arent being done.I want to go get I job to atleast cover the bill while he looks for the next big contract but I have almost no faith in him taking care of our son while I would be at work. hell I've been gone several hours before running errands and left Q home with him because it is too cold for him to be out. then I would come home several hours latter to an upset baby that " needs some mommy milk" when he obviously needs a diaper change.

it's just getting to the point that the good little things that he does are becoming few and far between and getting eclipsed by everyhing else.I'm tired of sounding whiney, angry and depressed on my blogs. but I am truely starting to think this year is going to be alot like last year till I do something about it. 

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