Had a situation at work yesterday that is still bothering me.  I am president of a work related medical coding group.  This is a group that I went out of my way to get started.  The vice president is stepping all over my job duties and yesterday blew up at me in email for checking something out that I was not sure about with the corporate office.  I mean this 30 year old man threw a tantrum in emails lasting about 30 minutes!  I was so blindsided I was livid!

For one, he doesn't know me well enough to have talked to me the way he did...secondly, I am the one ultimately responsible, so if I wanted to double check on the issue, what's the harm?  To me, many like minds make for a better outcome.

He stated it was because I didn't trust him....he kept trying to make it a personal issue, but I kept it very professional and politically correct.  I explained this was about accountability, nothing more.  I didn't want the group to get in trouble due to somethign I did wrong.  I am not one to back down and I don't scare easily so I made sure I responded with each new increase of his tantrum even more professionally. 

It would be like a child (face to face) - holding one's breath first to get their way, when that doesn't work, stomping feet, then throwing himself on the floor....PA-Lez!  I'm not his mommy and I damn sure wouldn't want to be his wife!

Anyway....he finally backed down and came to my office to talk, but here today I am still seathing.  I usually let things roll, but this was over the limit to me....He always says "if I do anything wrong or cross the line, just tell me"...but when I tried, he blew a gasket...Oy vey!

This commitment I signed on for is a year long!  God help me, I hope he and I can last that long working together...Pray for me!!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 3:59 PM I have been in situations like that with co-workers.  One day at a time!!

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 1:29 PM

I will be praying for you. You are always in my prayers and thoughts.

Love and Blessings,


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