1.  I told him there’s nothing there,

And that it was only dirt,

As I got dressed this summer morning,

In a long-sleeved shirt.

One more time, I hide it all,

Everything you did.

No one needs to know you like that,

Especially not the kids. 

CK1.  I only know how mean you are

And how cruel you are

And how drunk you are.

I know who you used to be,

I know who you wanted to be,

And I know what you’ve turned out to be… 

C* No one hurts me like you…

No one can beat me quite like you do.

No one makes me feel my place

With a slap in the face…

No one but you…

 2. One more time, I get dressed,

And I pull on a long-sleeved shirt…

You’ve called me a whore many times before,

But I pretend it doesn’t hurt.

Who would I be without you here?

I’m so worthless without you.

With every time you scream, you make me believe

That all of your lies are true. 

CK2.  I know that you’re so mean,

But your beatings make me clean,

Of all of those long-forgotten dreams,

That I could be anything at all,

That I am special at all…

Without you, I’m nothing at all…

 VB: They look up with hollow eyes…

They see through all of our lies…

They know that you’ll kill me one day,

And finally take all of the pain away.

If I could go back somehow,

It would be right now.

I’d do everything to forget

My life with you in it… 

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