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Hey all,

I am not a new mom, but, I am a mom.  Now all of my blessings are grown up and on their own.  Some days I am glad, yet most days I miss them terribly.  So, enjoy yours while they are little. One day you will turn around and poof! they're walking out the door.  Now, my joy is helping moms of all ages. Are you thinking of sprucing up a room or two in your home? Maybe the kids room, a den, or have you just puchased a new home and want to bring a bit of yourself into each room?  I am here to assist you.  Just go to my website: www.homeinteriors.com/oriesdecor4u) and you can shop from the Home Interiors online catalog.  They  have added something new, you can now actually purchase any item you love directly from the secure site and they will ship the items directly to you. I think this is so neat. You don't worry about your personally numbers bein seen by anyone, and you don't have to lug the kids all over town.  Come on, give it a try. When you visit the site, look around and you are cordually invited to to join my team.  I'll love to work with you. You can contact me through my email, located on the website at the top of the page.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Luv Ya 

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