Well, Joeys mom and little siblings came over today for a bbq. I was going to make a sirloin steak, chicken breasts, hot dogs and hamburgers. But they came in with this HUGE flank steak...and I do mean HUGE! 6 of us ate and there is still plenty left over! She also made some kind of "dip" with corn, tomatoes, peppers, etc., which was really spicey but delicious! All I made was potato packets that I put on the grill. Boy, did I get off easy!

It was really good talking to Linnette since I haven't really had a chance to for a while. She told me that when that deal went on with Joey and his dad fighting, she called a sergeant or leutenant, I forget the rank, that she knew really well while she was there. The cop that told them that Joeys dad could discipline any way he wanted as long as he didn't use a weapon or break any bones turned white when he heard who she was talking to!! Then she put Joey on the phone with him, and when Joey said "Hi, Uncle Joe" the cop really panicked! LOL She doesn't know what happened to that cop, but she said that Uncle Joe was not a happy camper!

She told me that his dad used to hit her, and that even tho she filed papers against him, she never followed up, and she regrets that now. She said his dad used to punch holes in the wall and all. Joey told her that whenever his dad gets mad now, his stepmom disappears really quick! So I know that Joey is much better off away from this lunatic!

During spring break this year, Linnette reserved her time share in Daytona Beach, so they are all going there for the week. Which means that I lose my dtr. for the week, again! I'm glad she gets to go and do fun things that I can't provide for her, but at the same time I'm jealous. That sounds really bad and childish, but I wish that I could either provide that for her or at least take part in it. Sometimes I feel so left out. I also worry about her going away so much with her boyfriend, even tho his mom and I are on the same track, and his siblings are going, too. I have to trust her, and him. But is it just so damn hard!

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