Ok I missed the journal theme the other day where you had your friends describe oyu in one word. But I did it yesterday out of curiosity and here's what I got:


Christine, my lovely boss, said fun. A compliment in our line of work :)

Charles, my boss husband, said "Oh damn" , then changed it to damn. I chose to take it as a compliment.

James, whom I used to work w/ at Eckerd many years ago said spirited. What does that mean anyway?

Rachel, an old friend, said sincere.

Samantha, a newer friend, said hahaha indescribeable. Not sure how to take that one :\

Torie, whom I babysit among other things for, said dependable.

Heather, who's daughter I used to watch (and still should;) ), said kind, compassionate, caring, happy, responsible, and girlie :)



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Feb. 2, 2008 at 7:23 PM Indescribable, too extraordinary for description. I think that is a compliment to the highest degree. Congratulations.

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