Hello. I do appreciate all of the kind words and prayers, Friends. I am so sorry if I came across yesterday as having lost hope. Cuz, I do know my hope is in Jesus. Some days, though, things just get to ya. Even if you know Sister so in so didn't mean what she said, or just doesn't see what is going on. Even when you know Jesus can reach out to every little child who needs His protection. Etc., etc.

Summer Rain sent me a note reminding me of some things. I have been through a lot and Jesus will see me through it all. I know Jesus wants me to rest so when it is time I will be strong and ready for the work He has for me. And now is my time to begin to get stronger! I always think of Elijah. When he was running from Jezebel, and after he had been through a lot, God let him rest. For 40 days Elijah did nothing but sleep and eat. The birds were sent to take food to Elijah. But, at his appointed time, Elijah regained his strength and went on to finish the work he had begun for God. Thanks Summer Rain.

Well, some good news...they've added another coach to my Hubby's assembly line! We think he may be there at least a few more weeks. Maybe Jesus will save the company before my Hubby goes. Only Jesus knows.

I want you to know I do trust Jesus. I didn't write the post yesterday cuz I don't think things will be ok. I wrote it cuz all of it was stuck in my heart and head and it helps to get it out. Plus, I hope to be an example of pushing through the hard times. I guess I just hope to help myself and others. Make sense?

We will all stick together and help each other through these days! I'll hold your hand and pray for you if you will do the same for me! :)

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