I went to the race track with my boyfriend yesterday and had a ball..  Alan and I needed some time together and yesterday was it.. The cars were loud but it was so stimulating for me.. I just put my ear plugs in and watched...

The only thing that bothered me was theses moms and dads bring there kids to the track and no ear plugs.. Some of the children where holding the finger in there ears and the parents just laughed about it... Sorry wrong answer for me...  I know that noise hurt my ears so what was it doing to those poor little ones??  Yes there was even babies there....

I wanted to go to the parents but Alan would not let me... He said he did not wont to fight with anyone today... He was right because I know that is what would of happened...

The best thing I could do was give my ear plugs to a mother and told her she needed to put them into her babies ears... The baby was about 9 Mo's if that.. The mother said thank you and did put them into the child's ears..

Well I do hope she learned one thing if nothing Al's that the race track is no place for any child with out ear plugs..

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