There is a little girl that my daughter is friends with...and, before I continue, I have to mention-my daughter loves her friends. She stands up for them, she gives them presents, she has lost recess in prekindergarten for spending every minute talking to them. She is a social butterfly, but she loves every little person she comes in contact with.


With that, my daughter was picked on by another child...and the other child made her cry.

I have never experienced such rage-against a child, no less. I wanted to rip the hair out of that little girl's head. I wanted to go beat up her parents. I wanted to do something...anything but stand by helplessly and watch my little girl get her feelings hurt.

I was not a sensitive child. I had three siblings, and mean parents...I would have died if I was sensitive about things like being picked on or called names.

My daughter is different. My daughter is...well, she's special. She picks flowers, and then tries to replant them because she thinks they 'hurt' when they're picked. She thinks tigers are misunderstood. She sees everything in this great big world as something wonderful...well, except bugs. She doesn't care for bugs. :)

Anyways-about this girl...this bully. She is SUPPOSED to be Kayleigh's friend. Kayleigh adores her, and always finds excuses to have to go over to her house to visit her. The girl is a little odd, and I didn't particularly care for her at first, but because Kayleigh loves her, I started to like her too.

Then...there was today. This little girl was going OUT OF HER WAY to be mean to my daughter. She was snarky, she was mean...she acted this way for a whole twenty minutes before Kayleigh realized what was happening.

I know what you're are mean, and maybe (okay, PROBABLY), Kayleigh will be mean to someone some day too.'re probably right. I certainly wasn't the sweetest blossom growing up, and I don't know too many people who were.

It's just that...well, it's just that that is my angel. She is so different than I ever much better than I could ever hope to be. I am so pessimistic, and moody, and hardened-and she's just...not. She loves everyone, indiscriminately. She loves you no matter how much you hurt her. She loves you when you're broke, she loves you when you're ugly, she loves you when you're sick and puking into the trashcan because the flu has you stuck in bed.

I've never known anyone as completely good as my little girl...and I don't want her to lose that. I don't WANT her to be hardened to the be cynical and untrusting...but so far, I can't find a way to protect her from it-

and I feel like I failed her.


Maybe in a few years I'll look back on this and laugh at my foolishness. Maybe, in a few years, I'll have bigger fish to fry. But for today...for right now...I am restraining myself with unbelievable willpower from going over there and snatching that little girl bald.

If I can't protect her from some smart mouth at the the hell is she ever going to survive through the rest of the bad crap this world dishes out? How can I be a mother, if I can't find a non-violent way to spare her feelings?

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 6:07 PM I know exactly how you feel!!! My heart broke when Luke came home from preschool and told me that his buddy Charlie was not at his school anymore. It then broke for him more when he came home and told me that Christopher was not his friend today....OMG!!!! My reasoned mind knows ( like yours) that kids are like this. But this is my baby! How dare that little brat not play with my child today!!!! So do not feel stupid for feeling this way. We want to protect our children from any hurt! I like you want my child to go through life never knowing heart break. And I will do what I can to make that happen. But we will lose some of the battles, but as long as we win the war....

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 6:14 PM

Is this the same little girl I met?


I think that...well...first was it her?

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 10:05 PM

It sucks, doesn't it? The good news is that as they deal with these things they grow into strong little people. She won't be a innocent as she once was, but she'll be a better person in the end.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 10:47 PM My little Sarah is the same way...she wants to save everyone... and honestly thinks she can take on the whole world.... My husband works at the Airport with TSA and checks bags.... she said>"I don't know why it takes Daddy all day to check people bags, Can't he just ask them if they have a bomb and tell them please don't hurt people? That wouldn't take all day"  lmbo seriously...I wish Sarah could find a friend like your daughter... she's a little on the bossy side but even that is because she is convinced that she has to save people from themselves... she has a friend that is such a jerk and who irritates me.... and one little girl on her bus said if Sarah didn't give her her Barbie back pack she was going to punch her...Sarah actually suggested to me that we buy her a Barbie back pack... I was like "Seriously Sarah I'm trying not to hurt the girl let alone buy her a present" So to make a short story very long I know how you feel.

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