My house is all clean! Yay!! My hubby cleaned both bathrooms and our room. I did the kitchen (it always takes the longest), and the livingroom. I then watched a couple shows of What Not to Wear. I would love to go on that show.....after I lose all my weight. Right now I feel so dumpy and blah. I am working on losing weight. I have a hard time on the weekends watching what I eat though. It's so easy to eat bad things when I'm home all day. I do better during the week because I take my lunch and snacks to work and I have a pitcher of water sitting on my desk. I'm so tired of being fat. I really need to up my exercising, too. 

Anyway, my oldest son wanted me to download the pictures off my camera. We went to Winter Jam in Cincinnati last Saturday. We saw Newsong, Barlow Girl, Mercy Me, Skillet and Mandisa. Skillet was the best! The boys and I stood in line to get their autographs. I got a few pictures. So, while downloading I decided to check a few things online and get back on here.

I think I'm going to go play around with my paints when I get off here. Then maybe later I can get hubby and my boys to play a game or something. We've also got a couple movies I borrowed from a friend that we may watch.  

Tomorrow we're going over to my brother in laws to watch the Super Bowl. I am going to take meatballs and some torilla chips and cheese dip. See, more bad food!! LOL!! Well, I'll get back to eating good on Monday. I am rooting for the  Giants, since the Colt's aren't in it. My brother in law is a huge New England fan though. 

Well, I guess I'll end this for now and look around at different groups before getting off. 

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