I am so excited that we are coming back to Texas.  I know to most people, that sounds crazy, but our roots are pretty thick here.  We've moved a few times (4 x') back n forth from Texas to Colorado.  It is like having two loves.  We love the beauty of the mountains, but apparently we love the nasty heat days of Texas too.

We have a condo here in Texas so that we are able to travel back and forth, but we decided to buy a home here in the DFW area (again).  We close in two weeks and I'm thrilled.  We had a house in Grapevine and totally remodeled that home and only had it for about 4 months before going back to CO.  last January.  We stayed at my in-laws house, while looking for another house there, but were unsuccessful.  With that said we are back.  I guess all things happen for  a reason.

My husband and kids are thrilled about being back here.  Our daughter just picked up where we left off with all of her friends and getting back into gymnastics, ect.  This last time in Colorado, I met a lot of great women in my MOPS group and I am going to miss them, but again I am able to pick back up where we left off here as well.


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