Things are looking up now...for the moment.  It seems to change pretty frequently, though.  One thing that hasn't been a problem yet is the separation.  David and I are living together quite amiably, actually.  We hang out and play board games sometimes.

The baby finally figured out how to crawl normally.  He's been dragging himself around with his arms for a couple of months.  The legs are getting into this business, now, though.

I've been going out a lot lately and drinking more than I probably ought to.  I kind of feel like I should set up a cot in the sideroom in the Continental Club these days.  Why leave?  I'll be back tomorrow anyway.  I have seen a bunch of really great music this week, and there's more to come.  I'm a dancin' fool!

I think I may have "recently separated from husband" written on my forehead lately.  It seems like every asshat douchebag I've seen this past week has tried to pick me up.  My cold shoulder doesn't get much colder than it already is, but even that isn't enough sometimes.

I had to go out again to buy pants that fit me.  I'm not even losing weight anymore, I'm just getting smaller.  It must be the stationary bike.  I really hate exercise equipment.  My conscience screams, "GO OUTSIDE!"  Unfortunately, that just isn't an option often enough with the baby.  Someday I'll be able to hop on my bike and go somewhere, but not yet.

I haven't been able to work lately because of this stupid cough.  It has to be allergies, and it's been here for a week.  Allergies are the most pointless ailment ever.  By the end of the day my coughing muscles are actually sore from working so hard.  So, I can't go to work.  Who wants a lapdance from a stripper who's just going to hack all over you anyway?  How sexy is that?

I did go out and get a lot of stuff for work today.  The grooming involved here is pretty meticulous.  It's like the work a normal woman would do for a fancy party on her makeup, except I have to do it over my whole body.  I have about 8 square inches all to myself, and the rest is on display.  So, I got fake tanning lotion, a new curling iron, manicuring tools, and, of course, the latest and greatest shade of "wouldn't these look good wrapped around your you-know-what" lip gloss.  Christ, I hate my job, but it does make me feel pretty sexy sometimes.  

I've been dreading my sister-in-law's wedding for months and months and months.  Flying to Florida with the baby, staying with the husband's family, wearing that awful pink dress...but no!  Since we separated, David and I have decided that I might as well stay right here in Austin!  It will save him the awkwardness of having to introduce me to his extended family as his estranged wife, or his "baby-mamma."  David is still taking the baby, though.  This means I get six days of baby-and-roommate-free spring break.  I'm pretty excited.

It's really weird to be single (and when I say "single" I mean that in the very most married sense.)  In a few months or so, it would probably even be okay for me to date!  It would have to be a pretty brave guy, though.  I'm bad news.  In fact, news doesn't get a whole lot worse than me.  "Hi, I'm living with my estranged husband and my infant son, and I take off my clothes in front of strangers for a living.  Want to get coffee?"

In other news, I have big '80s hair today. 


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 11:51 PM I never realized you were a dancer beore. That's disgusting, not the fact that you strip, the fact that you had a child and and people will stay pay you to take your clothes off. They'd be paying me to keep mine on. lol Sorry, I just had to comment, the last line in your entry was hilarious, although I'm sure you don't find it so amusing when you meet a cute guy, Anyways, good luck. ~Chantel

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 3:38 AM I danced for awhile, when I was much younger, and with fewer stretch marks. It'll be our little secret. ;-) On another note, I'm sorry to hear about your separation, and I understand now why Spell Check was becoming such a burden for you.
I usually take a day, once or twice a month, and I go back and read all of the journals for one of my friends. (For some reason, my CafeMom friends tend to be wordy, just like me. ;-)) And after this evening, I feel I know you so much better.
I hope that your life levels out soon, and that you find a general distaste for the drama you currently seem to attract. Remember that even if you don't like your jobs, both the mothering and the dancing, that there are perks. The baby smiles and the tips, duh! Seriously, you do all of it out of love, and when the days and nights get long, remember that--love will keep you going.
Lots of love and hugs to you, my friend. Feel free to bug me anytime to chat. And if you Yahoo, you can usually find me there. (My screen name is the same--I lack the long term memory to remember more than one screen name. Or is it short term memory? I forget....)

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 10:48 AM

Oh believe me, the good men get past that kind of stuff.

When I was 22  and  first met the wonderful guy who is now my husband I told him things that are a million time worse AND threw my coffee cup at him all in the first week.  I thought he would run far away.  Nope, he stuck around and married me!

You're so young- put that cot up at the C Club and keep dancin' like a fool!

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