So my hubby let me sleep in this morning, which is very rare.  When he finally comes and wakes me up, my son followed him and started bouncing all over me.  So I got up.  To my suprise as I walked into the kitchen, the sink was full of water and soap, some dishes had been washed, the floor had been swept, and the table had been cleaned off.  Mind you, my hubby hasn't washed a dish in over 4 years.  The last time he washed any dishes was the day before I had my daughter b/c I slept all day b/c I had stayed all night the night before in the hospital having contractions.  It was so sweet.

 Then he decided that since the weather was kinda nice that he would haul off some stuff to the dump.  In this process, he decided to go ahead and take the dishwasher since the motor went out a few weeks ago.  So he goes to unhook it, and he can't get the hot water all of the way off.  Sucks!!! So now I can't use my kitchen sink.  Sucks even more.  Then he goes to all of the stores around town looking for a new dishwasher that can be purchased and brought home today.  No Luck!!!  Sucks sooo much more.  So he comes home and gets online trying to find one in the surrounding towns, and no luck there either.  More suckiness to the day.  I was even willing to forgo some of the features and an off color just to get one today, but no luck. 

 Then he tells me that we will go out to eat tonight at the Catfish house, and now he's decided that he doesn't want to b/c he got started playing WOW, Word Of Warcraft.  I could beat him b/c I didn't eat a big lunch b/c we were going to go to an early supper, and now we're not.  I don't want to cook b/c then I would have to take my dishes to the bathroom to wash them and then have to bring them back in the kitchen to dry so that the kids can have showers later.

 So now there is a big whole in my cabinet area where my dishwasher used to be, and it will be there for 3-10 more days depending on how fast the store gets me one here.

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