OK, first off I know some people have a physical problem with body odor.  That was not the case today.  I was sickend at a Goodwill store today by a man and his wife.  At first I thought maybe she had a problem, but when I saw and smelled the husband also, I knew it was just a lack of simple hygeine.  They were filthy, you could see the dirt on them and I'll tell you the smell was enough to make you fall over and puke.  I had to literally hold the vomit in.

I felt sorry for them at first.  I thought, well maybe they can't afford to wash.  But, who can't afford a simple bar of soap?  Then they were very rude to the sales people on top of being rude by smelling up the entire place.  They also pushed my cart out of their way when I was looking at something, standing right next to it - and my dd was in the cart!

I waited in my car to see what kind of car they were in and it was an OK type pick up truck.  People, if you can afford gas for a truck and can afford the truck, you can afford to take a bath.

I love Goodwill stores!  But, sometimes you run into the bottom of the barrel there.

If you bash me, go ahead.  Maybe it was you that was there.  Guess I just have a thing for not smelling bad and making people want to run from a store.


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Feb. 4, 2008 at 11:22 AM I won't bash you.  I know what you mean.  I have a sister - in -law who, no lie, my father in law specifically called her and asked her to make sure her, her husband and three children were bathed and well dressed before they came over one holiday because his boss was talking about stopping in.  I know that sounds rude but they do not clean themselves and then with the smoke smell.  When I was pregnant I could not be around them because it made me more sick.  I love them but like you said enough is enough.  I feel for my niece and nephews because they get teased at school.  But as they get older they choose differently. 

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Feb. 22, 2008 at 11:16 AM

I TOTALLY have a thing for stinkiness....I can just imagine what it was like for you and totally sympathize!  Ugh.

I love Goodwill too, but you're right - You never know what you'll find.  :-)


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Aug. 19, 2008 at 10:09 PM

I have a friend's mom who is like that! We know for a fact that she never bathes more than once a month or two because she won't take a bath unless her FIVE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER is being watched by someone. She always calls my friend to do it, since he has no friends. Her hair is never brushed. And my friend used to get made fun of because her mom didn't let her bathe more than once or twice a week so her hair was often oily. They had to "conserve water". Yet, she used to shop on ebay all the time buying vacuum saving bags for the trash she never throws away. (Her house was even more disgusting than she is...but that is a whole other disucussion we don't have time for!) and state of the art coffee pots. Every time I go around her, she always snatches me for a big hug before I can even run away. I can only describe the smell as...poo, for lack of a better term. Yeah...POO about covers it.

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