grrr!! Last night Joe was coming over. He asked me if I wanted anything from the store. I asked him to get me some beer and I would pay him back. He said NO!! He said "I do not want to contribute to your alcoholism" WTF???? I have not had a drink since the week BEFORE HALLOWEEN!!! Wait NO... lol that was the time before. The last time I had a drink was the week before Christmas!! I had to laugh cuz ummmm NO I DO NOT have a drinking problem and if your knew me you would laugh to!! What is his problem??? Guess where he is today?? At the casino GAMBLING AWAY HIS PAY!! Who has the problem??? I don't give him a hard time about that. What is his deal if I have a drink every few months?? Guess what I'm gonna do?? Go out and get me some beer or stuff to make margaritas!! Who cares?? My kids are not home and I am not driving anywhere!! GGRRR!!  I am a grown up aren't I????


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 6:26 PM

Party away! If my kids werent home, I'd want to have a beer, margarita or whatever. As long as you are over 21 why not? Next time when he asks you do you want something from the store? Just say yes money. Then go get whatever your heart desires. I do commend you for not doing in front or near your kids. I am the same way. So its refreshing to see another mom being so good.

Have a great day!:) Party for me too ok? :)

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