Resolutions Check, Feb.1st

The first day of the second month of the year 2008 has come and passed. Still, it seems shiny and new, only 32 days of potential mistakes behind us, plenty of promise and potential ahead. I wrote a list of resolutions for the hundreds of days to come, and decided recently that the only way I'd stick to them is to check myself on the 1st of every month following. Thus this blog. Resolution Check 1.

Personal Resolutions-

Weight Loss: Doing alright so far. Around, AROUND, 8 pounds gone from my, still, too high number. It could be worse. I could've gained, right? Goals for the month to come: At least 8 more pounds, if not a few more. I started trying for the weight loss a week or two in, so I have a head start this month. Here's to hoping.

Religious Devotion: Neither bad, nor good. Candlemas is today, and thus far I have reflected upon it and recognized it. This is more than was done last year, so I call it improvement. Before today, I've been too lax on speaking with deities (praying, etc), I need to improve here. Goals for the month to come: Think more about religion, even if I don't actively participate.

Educational Improvement: Not exactly thrilled by the prospect of three more months with a particular professor of mine. However, I hve made it to nearly ever class, missing one due to nasty food poisoning (which I take full responsibility for.) I've completed all of my assignments on time, and currently am at an A in each of my classes; not an impossible feat with only 3 weeks behind my educational belt. I've also kept up on my reading, something I struggled with in the past semesters. Goals for the month to come: Finish things EARLY, as opposed to letting time pass and scrambling. I will admit that I've procrastinated SOME. And though I've been good about getting things in on time, I'd like to have them prepared and ready to go ahead of time to minimize stress.

Writing: Decent progress has been made. Part of my success towards seeing this resolution through can be attributed to my responsibilities in my creative writing course. I have, however, also been doing some writing while sitting in my MWF class. I could definitely be doing more, and will find more opportunities in the future to engage in my creative outlet. Goals for the month to come: Write two pages of SOMETHING, everyday. No questions asked.

Relaxation: For a while I did really good on this, and recently have been recovering from a lapse into angry stress. I am a little less touchy and emotional. I still get suspicious and paranoid once in a while, but all in all I'm calmer. There's still plenty of room for improvement. Goals for the month to come: Breathe slower. Don't forget to breathe when angry. I do that sometimes.

(Quit) Expecting the Worst: WOW! I haven't even thought in this direction! Except for once recently because of a comment someone made...I stopped, though, and thought, why would she say something like that towards ME? Couldn't be so. And even if it is, well screw it. I've got plenty of awesome people in my life. Why do I care? And thus moved on. So I would definitely say that I'm following this resolution amazingly. Goals for the month to come: Continue on just as I am now, with no lapses.

Being thankful: No progress. I'm still sad when I can't afford something. I still wonder how other people get by. I'm doing better about MAKING our things cool though, and that has definitely lifted my spirits. I'm turning Ani's mediocre things into fairly nifty, cute things. I'm proud of this recent creative kick. Goals for the next month: Continue with the creative outlet of home(apartment) improvement; think at least once a week about how awesome our things are, and our life is.

Socially: I've been very good about not dismissing potential friendships based on a first meeting. I am very shy, and have taken that into account when intro's are awkward and less than perfect. I am happy thus far. I've made a few very cool new friends by being able to put myself out there, even when I have refused to in the past. I'm proud. Goals for the next month: Continue on. HANG OUT with more people, maybe.

Contact: Doing well. I respond to emails quicker these days. I return phone calls, and even answer them more often as well. I can't complain here. Goals for the month to come: Continue on. Quit hesitating before I DO answer the phone.

My Mommy-Resolutions-

More time spent with Ani- We're having a great time together this semester. We do breakfast in the morning, work on potty training, play games, watch movies and overall spend a lot more time with each other. My patience level has gone up slightly, and I've figured out better approaches to her misbehavior and distraction techniques for when she gets into huge upsets. We've been doing very well with these. She's a GREAT kid, and of course she was before, it's only getting better. Goals for the month to come: Though my patience level has risen, it is not perfect. I need to continue working on not letting her out-of-control moments send me into an emotional tizzy. We'll get better.

Relaxing with Ani- As I said just before this, my patience level has risen and I'm figuring out how to approach her bad moods. I'm no longer pushing the potty training and letting her explore it on her own with running around naked(!) and having the potty wherever she decides she wants it. This is working BEAUTIFULLY and I would suggest it to anyone who ever asks me for advice. Goals for the months to come: Less annoyance with accidents that occassionally happen.

Less Mommy-Warfare: Brilliant. Recently I've had an extremely relaxed, awesome, complete feeling whenever we're together, the three of us. We're a great family, raising an AWESOME kid. I'm comfortable and confident in that. When I hear bragging or egotistical comments, I am able to smile and think "Wow, ok then", without feeling the need to throw my own brag into the mix. A lot of it now rolls off my back. Goals for the month to come: I still have a bit of a reflexive "Gr" feeling in the pit of my stomach when I hear the annoying ones, I am hoping to rid myself of this.

Relationship Resolutions-

Extinguish the Single Mom Mentality: I've been doing well on this front. I question a lot less, and the answer to most of the what if's has been "It'll be ok as long as us three are still together and healthy." Goals for the month to come: I need to quit feeling guilty. I have money to contribute and as soon as the semester is finished I'll be finding work. We're a family. It all evens out.

Parenting Together, Not Seperately: Another accomplishment. I, less and less, step in and say you shouldn't do that. I do, however, sometimes express my discontent with something he says or does. I approach it calmly, though. Goals for the month to come: Continue on with making progress.

Vow Writing- HA! Fleeting thoughts...have been made...but no.

Family Resolutions-

Eating Better: We've definitely forgd a good start! We're eating more vegetables, more fruit, more homecooked meals, balancing all the different healthy choices, less soda, more water. I'm very pleased with our progess. Recent laziness has been a discouraging factor, as my sinuses are in an abysmal state. However, I expect that soon I'll be feeling better and able to get back on track. Goals for the month to come: As soon as my sinuses are fixed, and my energy levels up, start sticking to the healthy diet.

Becoming More Active: Poor. But it's winter, in MINNESOTA. We can't exactly go outside and frolic in the grass. It's cold. We've been watching a little less tv. We've been spending time playing with toys with Ani instead of sitting her down in front of the tube. If there's one thing I despise, it's letting her sit in front of a stupid, mind-numbing tv show. There's NOTHING healthy about it. Goals for the month to come: Get outside once it starts warming up. Less tv, more playing with toys and finding creative ways to have fun together, even indoors.

Family Nights- With the ending of my previous employment, I find that EVERY night is family night, or damn close to every night. We just don't give it the label. We spend a ton of time together now. It's really nice. Instead, we're going to start implementing a daddy/Ani day, where they go off and do their own thing together. I think this is important, as she spends much more time with me than with him, as I am home all day with her. Goals for the month to come: Daddy/Ani day, scheduling.

Apartment Cleaning- Doing fairly well in this arena. Laundry is done often, clothes are put away, dishes are done in a sort of timely manner, garbage is taken out often, so on and so forth. Carpet gets spot cleaned when accidents occur. I've fallen behind recently, but as I said before, my sinus issues are draining my energy for several reasons. Goals for the month to come: After sinus health is restored, continue with the vacuuming every night and dishes put away every morning, dishes put into the dishwasher every night before bed, so on and so forth.

I think this monthly check is going to be vital to me keeping up with all of these promises I have made to myself. So, you'll be reading this at least 11 more times this year. As for you, February, it's on!

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Feb. 21, 2008 at 10:41 PM Wow man, good resolutions.  Really from the heart.  I have a few, but I will talk to you about them in private... there are some that are very needed, and I need your help with them!

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