She has been there since Friday morning. Okay, so she's not a baby anymore, she's 21 years old. But she is my youngest sister. About 8:30 Friday morning as I was getting out of the shower, my dad called. I saw that it was him (I take the phone in the bathroom with me when I shower if it's just me and my 4 year old home) and decided that I'd let it go to voice mail and I'd call him back after I got dressed. Then I see that my baby sister is calling me. Again, I let it go to voice mail. As soon as it stopped ringing, she called back. So, wearing nothing but a towel, I answered the phone. No one was there. So I finished drying off, put some clothes on really quick and called my dad back. He told me that Alex, my baby sister, is in the hospital with a broken ankle. Apparently, a guy was stuck on a parch of ice that was on the dirt road next to my dad's house. To try to help him get some traction, my dad put a piece of wood under the guy's back tire. When the guy's truck got traction, it obviously took off and the wood went flying and my sister was in the wrong place at the wrong time because the wood hit her right in the ankle.

My dad called me last night to tell me that my sister couldn't have the surgery last night because the surgeon had another emergency in Nashua and wouldn't be back in time to perform the surgery. So, the would try to reset the bone this morning. That didn't work, so they kept her under anestheia (sp?) and put a rod in her ankle. Dad called back around 1pm to let me know that Alex was in recovery and would be coming home either tomorrow or, the more likely case, Monday at some point. She was expected to come home sometime on Sunday, but since they ended up doing the surgery later than planned, it won't be until Monday now so that she can get in some physical therapy.

We sent her flowers and since I knew that it was nothing life threatening, and since I wanted to put a smile on her face, we had the florist write "break a leg" on the card that went with them! My mom is driving down the 3 hours from where she lives in Maine to be with my sister.

My other sister, the one in the middle, is now in Japan. Her, her husband, and their 2 dogs arrived Friday around 7am our time, it was about 9pm Japan time. They will be there for the next 3 years. Right now they are living in a hotel while the dogs are at a kennel because the hotel doesn't allow dogs. Joselyn said that they have an appointment with a housing person on base on Monday, but that it usually takes about 10 days from that appointment for them to be in a house, apartment, whatever. So it is at least another 10 days for her to be away from here puppies, which are like her kids. She doesn't want kids, neither does my BIL, so their dogs are their kids. They had a rough time during the LONG flight to Japan, and were excited to get out and run around for a little bit. I feel bad for them that they have to be in a strange kennel away from their parents for so long. But at least it's not the 6 months that they would have to be quarantened (sp?) if they didn't plan ahead and get the dogs all of their required shots to be allowed in the country. Keep your fingers crossed that it's not long before they get a permanent place to live.

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 7:50 AM Well that was a story and a half.  I so hate when anyone in my family gets hurt and has to be in the hospital. I worry about them too much. I hope your sister gets well soon!

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