Now I think my downstairs neighbor has lost his mind. We were not making any noise last night. My oldest wouldn't go to bed so she was sitting watching Elmo's Potty time. It was over at about 10:30 and we went in to bed. We brushed our teeth (she fell off the toilet) and while getting ready for bed she tripped on my shoes and hit the closet door. (That's the only noise.) Then we were getting in bed and I thought I head a knock on the front door through the baby monitor in my younger daughters room. So I crept out quietly and peeked out the kitchen blinds. I could see a man standing at my door. I am almost positive it was my downstairs neighbor. So I went quietly back to my room and turned the lights out and called my mom. I heard another knock and ignored it. It was 11:00pm. She said that if she was me she wouldn't have answered the door either. I am here by myself with 2 small children plus I am pregnant.

What would make him think I would answer the door at 11:00 at night? I swear if he says we were stomping I will scream. There is no way we would be making any sort of noise that late at night.

It freaked me out so much having someone knock on my door that I had to stay on the phone with my mom for about 15 minutes before I could go to sleep. But since my parents live just a few apartments away from me, my dad will talk to the manager next time he sees her and tell her that they are harassing me. Because that is pretty much what they are doing. I swear it's like they are trying to get me to move or something.

Anyway I think I am done. I just needed to vent about them.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:49 PM Thats scary hun.. .you should seriously do something about this... even if you just tell the police so they can keep a record of it.. so if something does happen then know you atleast told them about it... most of the time people get away with harassment because no one said anything about it in the beginning. talk to your manager. make them write it in his file or something. Good luck!

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 1:56 PM

Wow!!!  That's some major distubment from the guys part!!!  He should know not to knock so late, esp. knowing you have 2 lil ones and are pregnant!!!  What a jerk!!!  I'm sorry chica!!!  I hope all is well now!!!


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