I am so excited about this apartment I saw today. I hope I am able to get it. Its a three bedroom apartment with one bath. Hard wood floors, dining room, basement with washer dryer hook ups. Its an older apartment too. I'm guessing around the 20's or even 30's. But it is so awesome. The best part is that the rent is ONLY $575 + electric, heat, and water. Landlord will pay trash. I LOVE this apartment. It is in a perfect location, 1 block away from school so my older boys can walk, the neighborhood its in is great. I want it so bad.

I have to wait a few days to hear back from the landlord. He took some of my information down to do a background check. Oh I hope all is well. I dont have anything that I'm really worried about, but I'm so anxious. I can't wait for him to call, but at the same time I'm nervous that he will tell me no.

Keep your fingers crossed, can bet all mine are along with my toes.

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