Ok.. so.. since my boys are sick today, I had them both in the room sleeping.. Then, My oldest son's father calls and asks if he is ready to go.  I tell him, "monta is sick he is in there sleep, why dont you come and get him next weekend?"  Then he says...  I wanna come and get him now cause I wanted to get his hair cut, and I already made the appointment...  I will just pick him up and drop him back off...   ugh.....  It makes me mad, because even though it is his weekend to get him... Im not going to have him and his mother feeding him this shit about him being sick all the time and this that and the other..  And then I tell him ok...  and you can get him next weekend.... then he says.." MAKE SURE HE IS DRESSED GOOD BECAUSE THERE WILL BE ALOT OF PEOPLE IN THE BARBERSHOP TODAY!!!""  


WHAT THE HELLLL KIND OF SHIT IS THAT..????  LIKE I DONT FUCKING DRESS MY SON....????  On top of that.. he wants him to look all thuggish and shit like him... and I aint going for that shit!!!!  UUUUGHGHGHGHGHGH... And all that name brand shit is over fucking rated...   Plus.. the boy is sick..  I dont think he really wants to be dressed all good and feeling like crap.. he can barely breath as it is and is just burning up... but... I WANNA TAKE HIM TO GET HIS HAIR CUT...  ughghgh...  Then to top it all off.. he called at about 1.30 or 2 something...   HE DIDNT SHOW UP UNTIL AFTER 5.00 !!!!!!  HELLO!!!  HE DONT NEED TO BE IN THAT PART OF TOWN AT NIGHT TIME!!!  PLUS HE IS SICK WITHA 103.1 FEVER THAT AINT REALLY GOING DOWN!!!! ughghghghgh   IGNORANT FOLKS I TELL YA!!!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 7:50 PM
Girlllll..... you are preaching it to the chior! The men in our childrens lives are just plain ass selfish. When it's convient  for them, they want them when they want them. They have no morals, no sympathy, and no heart. Sometimes you just wish you was a brain surgeon so that you can open him up and see if he has any? You wanna be his hearing aid because he act's like he can't hear! THE BABY'S SICK! HE'S NOT COMING OUT TODAY! what's so hard about that????? I feel your pain girl, if you need to talk, you've got my number.

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 10:12 AM girl girl girl!!! i feel ya, my baby dad is like that, always talking about her hair or what she has on, jeez shut up!!! my family in general is "vain" like that,...it gets on my nerves so bad!!! and they always have something to say, i mean what exactly do you want me to do to a 5yr olds hair, besides afro puffs or ponytails? im not gonna pay to get it braided all the time and of course if she is playing all day a few strands are gonna be out of place, jeez!!! And im not paying all that money for clothes and shoes, when the ones she has look just as good!  There is more to parenting than having the child be fashionable all the time! sorry i dont have any positive things to say, i just feel ur "aggravation"...and for him to want to take the child to get a hair cut with a temp that high does not make sense to me!!! poor kid...well im glad he has you to be the voice of reason!!! hope your kids are feeling better now!!! and hopefully things will get better with the babydad..you know what i mean...kinda off the topic, but I have a friend that wont leave the house without her makeup on...she missed class for 2 days bc she left her makeup bag in my car and would rather buy clothes than pay bills and she teahes her child to be just as vain, im not gonna teach my child that...

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Feb. 15, 2008 at 11:52 PM Sorry to hear your son was sick and I hope you put your foot down on his nonsense. The kid needs his rest. ANd sick people shouldn't be around others anyway. Geez he is really something else worrying about his clothing instead of asking if he can bring some soup or something over to help.

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Feb. 21, 2008 at 10:52 AM UGH i FEEL you girl....okay trust me I do.  My husband (if you can call him that) does dumb ass shit like that all the time.  Theyre little kids!!! why do they have to have some other mans name all over their clothes.....my husband wanted my son to look all thugged out for his PRESCHOOL class picture, what the hell??? i think they just do that to show off in front of their friends. like its cool or something.  and my husband used to take my son out to his boys house when he was sick just cuz he didnt want to stay in the house!!!! i feel you girl....sorry he wasnt lookin out for whats best for your son. i hope he feels better!

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