they are going to have to take some or all of his leg. they don't know how much yet but they know that it has to happen. i am very worried about this because they did a test to see if his heart is strong enough for the surgery and the test says no it isn't. this is a very scarey thing for my whole family at this time. i will post something more when i know more. i did however find out why this happened to him. a few weeks ago the doctors took him off his blood thinners to give him some type of anti-biaotic,he couldn't both together so they took him off his blood thinners. which caused the 2 blood clots that have made this surgery nessesry for him. i have no clue why the stupid doctors would do something like that to someone they know needs that medicine to live but they did it. which i am toally furious about because it just makes absolutely no freaking sense to what so ever.

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