Today I feel horrible, I have so many emotions inside of me that I'm just trying to defuse, the harder I try the more powerful they become. I am internally conflicted. Gemini, I am two but one and the two are battling over which I will primarily be. I am suffering in my mind. So many things I have seen and done and lived through never really living through them but just ignoring them inside knowing that I can only pretend because I am fully aware of what has gone on in my life. Who am I today?

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 7:16 PM wow.. you just described my life.. but i'm a scorpio... so what's my reasoning for the confliction?? sry you're having a bad day though!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 7:20 PM

You are a gorgeous and divine woman, today and tomorrow and you also were yesterday. Childbirth, although an amazingly spiritual experience, can also be a re-birth for the mother and usually is in some sense. It definitely was for me. It makes you reflect on your life and how to better yoursefl. Your own past also comes in view for introspection. It can be freeing but also scary and hard. It is just important to get all things out. You also have crazy hormones running through you, they can cause you to do, say and think things otherwise unlike you. Just get everything out nd don't be afraid of what it sounds like. You are too important.

I had to write a post about how crappy I felt, today, too.

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