I am told repeatedly good things about myself, how do I feel that about myself? How do I believe I am beautiful even if everyone thought I was ugly? How do I not let negative things said and done towards me affect how I feel about myself and my life?

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 7:54 PM Hard question because those things affect you as a person. For me, I like to step back from negativity ( even if that means from the people throwing it out) and focus on what I like about myself and what God's word says of me. It is hard but without faith.... It isn't easy. It takes a long time. Like a daily conscious effort. You know you love your son and you do the best for him. That is an achievement worth more than words can describe. Go from there. What else do you know to be true of yourself?

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 7:05 PM You have to belive in yourself. Everyone in the world can belive in you and support you but if you do not belive in yourself it means nothing! God puts things in our life bad people, negitive people, trmitizing situations in our life to see how we will react to these situations. If we turn to him or turn to situations that are only gonna make our insecutities worse. Lke alyssa said faith is the biggest thing, but you have to begin to rebuid yourself, cant nobody pick you up and fix you but you!! Find the things you like about yourself positive things that people tell you or you know about yourself and focus on them. Repeat and tell them to yourself those things everyday and slowly you will begin to belive them. Maybe get some counciling there is no shame in getting help. Brief about me I study psychology im in my second year and also take education classes, I have over come rape, melestation, and physical abuse, so I defenatly know the feeling of insecurites and lonlyness but I trusted god and belived in myself regardless of what others thought and Im straight. you can do it you are absolutly beautifull!!

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