Haven't been on here in awhile...a LOT has been going on lately.
Jayson (my hubby), is going to officially be a stay at home dad, so that's pretty cool.  WE're pretty fortunate to be able to afford something like that.

I had an Aunt that I was pretty close to die - suicide.  I still am not ready to talk about that too much.  She will be/is already missed everday - dearly.

We moved into our new house - we're renting for a bit....when my corporate housing was up - Jayson was still looking for a job, and since we didn't know where he would end up, we decided to rent...It's pretty in Michigan...but w/ the economy the way it is, I don't feel really comfortable buying a home here...yet. :) 

 I have been traveling A LOT w/ my job....Fun...Fun...Fun....Anyway..it feels good to be back on Cafe MOm :)  I missed a lot of people - sorry I was so out of touch.

THE END :) Haha

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 10:29 PM

Glad you're back.  :) Sorry to hear about your aunt.  :(

BTW...Where do you work?

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