Finally have all 25 patterns cut out..and that was just this last the sewing begins..I will try and post some of the things I am sewing..going to take some time, but think this might just pay off a daughter thinks that maybe could really do something with it. We will see...hubby is looking for me a embordery machine..this could get to be WORK..LOL..have a great weekend and week everyone..

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 10:47 PM

Would love to have one of those embordery machines myself. Hope the Unempoloyment office listens to you, I understand why you wouldn't take that job, they should also. Good luck.   Am looking forward to seeing what all you are making. Hope you also have a great weekend and week ahead,

Worked on my tax stuff today, yuck, but something you have to do. Am waiting on a couple more interest papers, neither one of the is for much but  still have to turn them in, Not looking forward to taking them to the accountant, very seldom is it good news.

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