Sick again! I thought that I was over this crap and then I get it right back. I feel like crap and Dominic is sick our house is a mess, I dont have the energy to clean it, cause I feel like a semi hit me, and tomorrow Super bowl day we are having guests. I Love the people and want them to come over but derick wont help me clean and i feel icky. To top it off I don't know it its just my head playing games but I think that MY Derick likes his brothers girlfriend. When we are at his parents house he flirts with her and talks to her and plays with her kid and helps her out but not me. When her kid cries even when ours is crying at the same time he will go to her kid instead of ours. Now she is attractive, tiny petite girl, I still am carrying most of my baby weight and look more like the pilsbury dough boy, with food on my shirt while she's sporting the latest fashion. I dont have the money to be fashionable anymore, hell i just got a pair of tennis shoes that i've needed for the last 2 years and just finally got them. I havent had a hair cut in over 2 years, my life is on hold. Derick doesn't have sex with me hardly at all, I'm lucky when I get kissed, I practically beg for it. Im at a loss. I just feel a little better now that I've vented.

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