Let's see.....The last time I got in my car I was taking my husband to work.He is running sound for the Mardis Gras celebration in Covington Ky. tonight.I dropped him off at around 7 and then I stopped at the Dollar Tree, I love that store.Everythings a dollar.......duh.....LOL.The next time I get in my car,20 minutes from now I'll be picking my daughter up from work and getting gas . Then around 2:30 am I'll be back on the road again to pick  my hubby up. Can you see I need a rest so does my car?! Then my Lesaber and I will back  on the road at 6 am so I can go to work. This is a really bad thing for me to write a post about I feel sorry for my car.

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 10:44 AM I feel like all I do is drive too. Soccer prac here or there or here. Can you take me here, there or here? I feel sorry for my car now too that you mention it. It could never be say it's bored from just sitting in my driveway, it's never there long enough.

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