It started Sunday when I couldn't seem to build enough energy for anything. Monday was much the same. I got home and just *had* to nap after my whole four hour shift. When I couldn't even make it through Border Pagans on Monday night because I was just too damn tired, I figured myself for getting ill. No huge surprise. I do that a lot, particularly when the weather can't make up its mind! 
I got up Tuesday morning. Still no period. Time to pee on a stick. I figured it would be negative. I'm late because I'm stressed. I'll just take the test to end the suspense and deal with whatever illness this is when it fully presents. 

No cigar. Or, many cigars on or around 10/06/08. No sooner had I "[lain] the test on a flat surface", the plus sign appeared. I looked. I looked again. I couldn't believe it. So I started crying, and, naked as a jay, ran down stairs to cry on my sleeping husband. He woke up, but I'm sure was too hungover to grasp the entire message; "I'm pregnant. What the crap are we going to do?"
After school, I visited a local free pregnancy services center, because I have to have a statement from a clinic or some such stating that I'm pregnant in order to apply for medicaid. There wasn't time to get to county services and apply on Tuesday.
So Wednesday after work, I hurried up there to get that bit out of the way. 
No cigar. Apparently, even though we struggle to afford our monthly costs, we are too wealthy for Medicaid. So, I'm sobbing uncontrolably while the lady tries to explain to me that there is another program. The nurse can't take my application today because they are getting ready to close the office. But she looks at Josh's W2 and tells me she's not sure that we'd qualify for this plan either. Now I'm completely terrified. She goes off to "find some resources" for me, and I decide to take off. 
By the time I hit the road home, I am crying so hard I can't make words. I utterly failed a phone call to Josh seeking support, mostly because he couldn't understand me through the sobbing, and I was entirely too upset to be soothed. Finally, I calm myself down enough just to tell myself that we will figure something out. I am damn near home. At the stop light on the exit ramp to Roswell Rd. I looked down at the stack of papers I had gotten at County Health when, with a crunch of metal, I was jolted forward. My head was thrown forward, and snapped back, hitting HARD on my headrest. It took me a second to figure out what had happened. We cleared out of the road and into a parking lot. I called the police. Then I called Josh and, in a voice I can only describe as dejected, declared "I've been rear-ended."
Fast forward to the ER. After waiting for about 2.5 hours with a headache getting worse by the minute, we're finally called back and taken to a room. Upon Josh's return from sneaking out for a cigarette, he informs me that I had received a message from the nurse at county health who has spoken to her supervisor, and can I come back in to complete the application... This affords me a great sigh of relief, but my head is still pounding insanely. 
Finally, the doc comes in. I get pain meds, and his word that to the best of his knowledge, the pregnancy is not threatened. We're released from the ER. Its nearly 10 PM. I haven't eaten since 12. We grab a bite and head home, where I go more-or-less immediately to bed. 
Thursday morning comes and I can barely find the energy to move. I email my teachers, letting them know the circumstances of my absence, and assure them that I will complete the reading we are slated to cover in lecture over the weekend. I spend the bulk of the day in bed, just trying to be comfortable, and making a crap ton of phone calls, mostly playing tag with insurance companies and County Health. I finally reach my claim rep. He explains how to procede. I finally reach the nurse at County Health. She sets me up an appointment for Friday at 1.  Liam has a rough night Thursday night, which affords me about 5 non-consecutive hours of sleep. 
Friday morning arrives, and I can barely find the energy to move. Josh helps get Liam dressed and off to school for me, and I end up out of bed about 15 minutes before my shift starts (it only takes me 3-5 minutes to get to work). My headache and stiffness are overwhelming, and only stay at work for about two hours before my body just wants to fail. So I leave work early. To kill time, I go visit my mom before my appointment. I still arrive more than a half hour early. Which is fine, because I get called back at exactly 1 PM. Fabulous. Apart from my crying all over this lady's office (which she forgives due to my hormones) the appointment goes swimmingly. She sets up for my first prenatal visit...its with the same clinic where I got prenatal care for that's good. 
When I get home, the lack of sleep and the pain have gotten the better of me. I curl up under my electric blanket to rest but can't get comfortable. I'm having chills, my whole body hurts, I feel completely rotten. Come to find out I'm running a 101 degree fever. Could this week possibly get any better? After some fiber-laced OJ (which I normally hate), and a burger, I'm down for the night by 7:30 PM....

And today, I feel a little closer to human...except for the unrelenting nausea. So I battle it with seafood for lunch, and pasta salad for dinner. 
Tomorrow I'll be getting up *before* the butt-crack of dawn. I'm getting paid cash to help with a physical inventory, and who knows, maybe it could lead to a second...or possibly full time job.
God, what a week its been!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:32 PM WOW.   Good luck mama! 

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