I went to see my Dad on Thursday night and I did not like the way he looked but he said he was hurting a little but was OK I thought about him all Friday and I called the doctor around 5:00. The nurse told me that if I was that uncomfortable with how he sounded and looked take him to the emergency room and we did. I know that don't sound like it was a big decision but it is my mom and dad feel like you must be very very very sick to go or in  an accident. Well he decided to go and they admitted him. He does have pneumonia and an infection they can't pinpoint yet. It could be a fungus, his port could be infected we just don't know yet. I just got home and I am very tired I will keep you all updated and thanks for listening to me. I know  am 38 but I was such a daddy's little girl I went every where he did. My dad is my rock the male figure in my boy's life. This is so breaking my heart...


Please keep him in your prayers...

Your friend ,


and my Dad Earl.... (Tex for short)

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:47 PM

hI Kim,

I wish your Dad will recover soon and back with you guys, who loves him so much. 

I know how scary this could be, but there is so much hope out there!

The nowadays medical technologies are so advance, they can do miracles!

They did to my father in law few years ago - when his doctor gave him about a month or tow to live with his hart condition, but he managed to stay with us for more then 8 months.  

It is amazing what could be done in terms of treatment, and along with love and care of your family, your Father will soon recover and be well.

We'll keep Earl in our prayers ...


Best wishes


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:01 PM

Thank you BC right now I need to hear hope.... I am just so emotional I had my oldest in the hospital last weekend and he got out earlier this week and that was hard, and now this... So thank you for your kins words and support bc I really needed it....


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 10:00 PM

thank yo too, I feel that I can be of something useful. I could imagine what you must feel now - like there is no tomorrow - but it will be tomorrow and there are will be better times. My mother always tells me that when the hard times comes - you need to "sleep them over" because then there will be antoher day...




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