Just finished changing our hamster Speedy's cage.  It wasn't exactly fun, but he's cute as hell to watch, especially when I put him back in the clean cage. He's got to sniff everything, run around everywhere and check it out. lol  I don't mind changing the cage that much though. Granted the smell isn't roses, but it's better than a catbox. :P 

I do miss having a cat though. Speedy's adorable, but he can't exactly curl up against my leg on the bed at night.  My son loves him though. :)  And I like the little fluffball too.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:44 PM

Thanks for reminding me to clean our hamster cage!

We have 3 that we rescued at a reptile show.  They were $2 each, because they were being sold for snake food!  I can see mice as feeders, but hamsters?  NO.  I would have bought all of them, but we didn't have room for more.  They are cute, aren't they?

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Feb. 18, 2008 at 11:28 PM I have (well, me and my son) 3 hamsters.  We had 15 because she had babies, but i gave them to the pet store I work at.  They are black bear hamsters and are soooo sweet and sociable.  Carlotta is the mom, isabella is the sister, and the little one is  Lucky.  We also have a guinea pig named Patches, a dog, (Chloe) a cat, (Myla) 3 Tatantulas ( charlotte, Charlie and Samson) a bunny (Benni) 3 Betta fish, 5 hermit crabs 3 parakeets (Popcorn, Christina and Peanut) a tree frog named Cooter and a scorpion named Moses.  A real menagerie and we love each and every one.

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