I have been home for most of the week with Tendonitis in my feet. I think that because i can't stand my job so much, my body is starting to react to it. I graduated medical billing and coding in augst of 2006 and have been searching for a job ever since. I am starting to give up. Most of the drs offices, hospitals and other places i've been all tell me that they need someone with experience, but if they don't get anyone like that, I am their last resort.

What is the sense of going through all of this if I can't get a job doing what i went to school for? I know i am trying to do this for my kids, to give them what I had and most of what i didn't have. This is hard, i want to cry right now, but i know it won't get me a job with the hours i want.

How do I keep my sprits up? And not give in to the urge to strangle my current boss, while i am looking for new work? I may have found something. It is working from home as a medical transcriptionist.  I want to do it, but i have to see how much money it pays. If it is right and it pays enough i can work from home and not have to worry about childcare for seven year old twins. And maybe my body won't take any more revenge on me.

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