Rantings of a Crazy Woman!

WARNING: Pregnancy Hormones at Work!

After having time to sit and reflect on this joke of a past year, I have come to the conclusion that you simply aren't worth my tears. I wish I could go back in time to when we first met so I could just walk away with no regrets. Damn it man, I should have followed my gut. I shouldn't have talked to you. Oops, my fuck up. I shouldn't have let you get so close when I knew, I FUCKING knew, that it would be just a joke. A year long laugh fest at my expense. You played me like a fool and I ignored it. I should have listened to the words of others, but dude, I fucking loved you like no other. I gave a lot, you gave a little. You saw I was vulnerable and you ran with it. You plotted, you snuck, you hid, you lied. I caught you in so much shit, that I won't deny. I believed every single fucking word you said. Now I don't think I'd cry if you turned up dead. See, you hurt me and well, that's fine. I'm a big girl, I'll wipe clean the tears I cry. But when you hurt my kid, well, that's another story. Damn, dude, I wish you were here so I could make you sorry. That little girl, she called you Daddy. You were her one and only. Now I see how you used them to play me. Got emotions involved then you ran, fuck that you, fleed. I wanted you for forever, I wanted a family. Wanted a ring, to be your wife, give you kids. I wanted a future, and you fucking knew this. But you couldn't stay sober enough to see reality. The powder on your nose wasn't evident. The money you wasted wasn't proof enough. Perhaps the other girls should have spoke up. Kinda makes me wonder how true you really were. I know all about you hittin on other girls. Dude, you never loved me. And now I finally see. But now I know it's not how I thought it was...you just aren't good enough for me.

Jay....rot in hell you piece of shit slimball. You had me fooled, you played me. You are JUST like Chris, you know that? You used me, you hurt me, you hurt my kids. Now you are in SC with some other girl, playing Daddy to some other kids, talking shit about me like you do because you aren't man enough to take the blame for what you did. This is YOUR fucking fault. I tried like hell to be graceful about the whole thing. But FUCK THAT. You are a dirty fucking joke. Hey, get your fucking teeth fixed, you fucking dirtbag. They are all rotting out. Brush em every now and again. Oh, and lets not even go there on your fucking saggy ass nut sake. That shit was like...wow....Oh, and sweetheart...the sex wasn't that great. Your dick was too skinny. And you are probably shooting blanks too, 'cause fucking me for a year with no protection or birth control and I never got pregnant...yea...tells ya something.
Hey, do the world a favor and just....fall off the face of the earth, alright? 'Cause you are nothing more than a fucking wasted sperm stain. The best of your pops ran down your moms leg. No wonder no one gives a shit about you, dude. You  fuck over all the good people in your life. And while we are all sittin on top of the world, you'll STILL be a bottom feeder. Enjoy cleaning shit for the rest of your life. Enjoy flipping burgers for the rest of  your life. You're too fucking pathetic to get a better job. Go back to prision and get assraped by someone, will you? Then do the world a favor and go play with a razor blade. I hope you fucking OD and die, you piece of shit. I'm movin on, baby...and soon, you'll be just a distant memory.
Oh, but don't worry...karma is a bitch and believe this....you will get yours. And as your heartbreaks as badly as mine did, I'll get the pleasure of laughing at you.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:53 PM

 I was going to say such supportive, nice things.  I had them all in my head to try and make you feel a little better.  Then I read the part about the "saggy ass nut sack" and I'm laughing so I hard I can't think straight.  That was excellent!!

Don't cry over him.  He's totally not worth it.  You will meet someone who treats you like you deserve to be treated, and he'll end up alone.  Believe me, I've been there.  Eventually, the pain will pass and you'll realize that he wasn't as important to you as you used to think he was.


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Feb. 10, 2008 at 12:32 AM hmmm....sounds like you could be writing to  my ex....wanna? 

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