When My 15 month old gets frustrated she pulls my hair and I tell her no not nice and she laughs (little snot lol) I don't know how to correct her on this b/c no not nice is not working & I dont know why she chooses to pull hair. Help!!!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:52 PM Try this...She understands boo boo..Say no u give momma a boo boo...LOL If you could see how hard I am trying to spell this seen...Sorry, I know I was suppose to be serious...

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 10:36 PM


I used to get laughs from Patrick when I told him NO!  I guess they think we are just their personal playthings to do whatever they want.

All I do when Michael, now 13 months, pulls my hair(or hits me etc) is say NO! put him down.  After a period I'll pick him up again.  And if he does it again, I say 'No don't hurt Mommy and put him down'.  He wants me to hold him so this denial is sufficient to make him stop the bad behavior.  Oh, and he laughs at me too, when I say NO - little bugger, LOL!!

They do understand what we are saying at this age, even if they can't verbalize too well.  I can ask Michael to get Mommy the Pooh Bear, which is sitting next to Elmo and he brings me the right toy.

You can do whatever works for you and your daughter.  Put her in a Time Out in the pack n play, take away her paccie, whatever 'punishment' you think will get the point across that pulling Mommy's hair isn't quite as fun as she thought it was.  Good luck, Momma!

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