Well Things just seem to be getting worse. I am not having good luck with doctors. I am thinking of just going to our family dr and have him take over. He has a better bed side manor I think. I went to the hospital 2 weeks ago and was told I was having growing pains instead of contractions. I have had a child before and I know what it all feels like. My dr came in to talk to me. She seemed like she didn't want to be there. She said I was onl having growing pains and there was nothing she could do for me anymore. She said to keep taking the trubutaline to help with contractions that I was not having. I was so upset when I left it felt like she was just saying what she thought I wanted to hear. The next day I started having bloody discharge and was upset with the dr here I drove and hour away to my old dr. I felt so much better cause I actually got checked for infections and everything. I was sent to a specialist cause they recorded contractions and was worried that I could be starting premature labor. I seen the specialist Thursday. The last time my cervix was checked by my dr was at 5 months and it was thicker than normal at 5.3. The specialist checked my cervix and it was 1.55. He said that with the contractions I was having it was causing my cervix to thin out. I am so upset cause if my uterus does not sta relaxed it will keep thinning out my cervix. He said he was going to watch me closely for the next month cause I am at high risk of going into labor. He only works with O.B. drs he does not take on patients full time. He helps O.B. drs with high risk pregnancies. I am worried about going back to my dr here cause of everything that has happened now. They are the O.B. drs here in town and I don't want to have to drive incase of an emergancy. I have no one here to help me so the closest hospital is my only choice. I went into the hospital last night with contractions 5 minutes apart. The machine even recorded them. The dr told the nurse to ginve me a shot and send me home. I am so frustrated and worried and just plain stressed out. I am hoping that this specialist can help me and keep the little mister to stay inside longer, but I'm not so sure he can when he starts talking babies being born at 23 weeks and the ones born at 24 weeks and telling me that with my cervix the way it is I could go into labor anytime. He is hoping he can help me with in the next month for me o try to carry him as long as I can But those are not the best chances at this point.

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Feb. 5, 2008 at 7:47 PM

You know what?  With my first pregnancy, I went to my family doctor, and with Dylan, an Ob.  The family doctor took everythong so much more seriously.  The Ob seemed to be so used to it all.  I hope everything goes well for you and baby.  Both of you hang in there!  Ask the specialist about maybe getting a RX for the trebutaline, but read up on it first.  It's use is controversial, but if it's working for you, keep at it.  I know it makes you feel like crap, all shaky and jumpy, but if it keeps baby where he needs to be, than it's worth it, right.

Hugs darling.

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