We finally have most of his party ready to go! Mostly what we need in the decorations, the cakes, the people, and for the date to arrive! Nick will be turning 1 on February 26th (that's in 24 days!!) His party is scheduled for March 1st. It will be open house style, with cake around 2. We are going to have a make-your-own-sandwich thing, so that people aren't just hopped up on sugar! (We have at least 3 kids already set to attend, maybe more 3 attending) We will be ordering his cake from a store... well technically the main cake will be for everyone else. Nick is getting his own little smash cake. That will be the one with the candle on it. I got him a brand new outfit, to be premiered at his party. It's a Winnie the Pooh & Tigger outfit! I will make sure to have plenty of pictures so everyone can see them a few days later! I'm so excited, and so proud... of me & Nick. We've both survived this past year, and are still doing well. Nick is growing up, and learning so many new things. I wouldn't have changed this last year for anything!

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