Being attacked by a dog

Filing bankruptcy (I used to work for a collections attorney)

losing a limb

losing Kellan (again) in a store

having Kellan abducted (every parent's worst nightmare)

Kellan getting a fatal illness

death- subcatagories

    a.  cancer

    b.  heart disease

    c.  car crash

    d.  train wreck

    e.  getting crushed in a freak accident

    f.  a tree falling through my bedroom window

    g.  plane crash

    h.  getting shot (fatally)

    i.  getting stabbed (ouch)

    j.  SARS

    k.  AIDS

    l.  terrorist attack 

    m. accidental drowning

Jeff dying (in any of above manner) 

being robbed 

Jeff leaving me

My dad dying

My sister coming to live with me

crowded places

Jeff's parents staying the night (for any reason)

the epidural not working during child birth



bugs (in general)

West Nile Virus

Bear attack

getting carjacked

the devil (if he exists)

Hell (if it exists)

being judged (by anyone)

getting laughed at

getting really fat

having acne for the rest of my life

losing the ability to control my body, while having my mind intact

global warming

running out of oil (like, forever)

George The Second proclaiming himself dictator for life

a nuclear attack

losing my sight

losing the rest of my hearing

Seeing Ginger run over by a car

or attacked by another dog

someone calling me ugly in public

being laughed at by strangers

I think that oughta do it for today.  

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:07 PM Hahaha.  My favorite: my sister coming to live with me.  I have that fear, too.

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