Today we were in the Hawaiian Tropic Pageant in Texas City and Ruby won the Most Photogenic again!  She did WONDERFUL in her walking the catwalk today~Much better than the last pageant. She was more confident and did great. We didnt win a trophy this time~only a piece of paper that said we get an hour of photograph time with a Photographer in Houston and a free 8x 10.  But nonetheles, the title of Most Photogenic is hers! I was not thrilled with the pageant itself and wont ever do this one again. They stated that it was NATURAL beauty only but the 2nd and 3rd place winners wore fake hair extensions and the winner wore a dress up Disney dress and play shoes (the ones that are slip on and come with the Walmart dressup dress)...Ruby only has 100 of these pairs of shoes and those dresses in her "play" box! Would have saved me $100 on her shoes/formal dress today if I would have drug one outta the box!  But, hey....she did win, so we are happy.  We are finished with pageants until the Fall, when we do the Brazoria County Fair pageant. Adding up all my expenses, I have put out $400 for the past two pageants.....but she did get the experience for October!  Anyway, wanted to share our great news and let my friends know that she won again! Thanks for all the well wishes!  Lisa and Ruby Fay


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:02 PM


We are proud of you!!!!

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