Ok, a little background info here... I have a 4 mo old. She was conceived while I was using NFP - I didn't realize you could double ovulate & didn't account for it happening.  It was an adjustment of course lol, but I love her & wouldn't change it for the world. 

So here I am now... back on NFP, trying to figure things out. I've been trying to chart for months... but between the double ovulating (which I can see happening now) and not starting yet becuase of the breast feeding... I can't tell where my cycle ends or begins... I'm a little panicked. I've started having dreams that I am pregant.  I had four of them last night alone! 

It's too soon for baby #2. We're thinking about 2 years apart would be good... if it's more or less that's fine... but she's only 4 mo's old at this point.  That's put her what, just about a year old? I dont' know how I'd deal with that... 

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