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Feb 1, 2008

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 35
Sign: Virgo

State: Texas
Country: US

Signup Date: 07/30/06


Friday, January 25, 2008


A date with yourself....
Current mood: blissful

1. Go see a movie by yourself, and get a large popcorn.
2. Rent a dvd that you've always wanted to see.
3. Have a girly-friend tea party and gossip.
4. Bake cookies, brownies or something junk-foody and yummy.
5. Cut up old magazines and make a collage, or better yet...a dream board.
6. Go shopping and treat yourself to a yummy scented body lotion.
7. Rearrange your furniture.
8. Turn your bedroom into a sacred space; make an altar, stack your nightstand with your favourite books, and load your bed with lots of comfy pillows.
9. Have a spa night in the tub. Light candles and use essential oils.
10. Go for a walk in nature and find 5 organic things that you can bring home and place around your home.
11. Hit the couch with blankies, pillow & tea and read a good book.
12. Visit a friend you haven't seen in a while...bring coffee.
13. Wear your favourite jeans, sweats & put your hair in a ponytail and don't wear any make-up.
14. Take a long nap with your furbaby.
15. Take a drive and bring your camera. Take pictures of unusual buildings and things.
16. Write a poem, song, or meaningful journal entry.
17. Go to the pound and offer to walk a dog.
18. Buy a scented candle and place it in a special area of your home.
19. Paint an old piece of worn furniture a bright new colour.
20. Order take-out food and have it delivered.

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